Official announcement: Morning and Evening!

Ever since this podcast started, probably the biggest question Jon and I have fielded is “Will you record the Morning and Evening devotionals?”  And to be honest, that was the idea that prompted the creation of this podcast, but a day by day release of the devotional was a little outside my technical ability and budget.

Now though: thanks to the assistance of the Theology Mix network and three fellow podcasters, this wish from so many will be a reality!  You may remember Ryan Jackson from our heaven double-feature, and I will also be joined by Len Flack of Renewal Media and North Country Fellowship Church, and Cody Almanzar of The Ordinary Pastor podcast.

This will be kicking off next month, and will be exclusive to the Theology Mix podcast network.  If you haven’t subscribed to the TM RSS feed yet, this is a great reason to do so.  I will post more once we are about to begin posting, but right now the plan is to begin releasing on August 1.  Bookmark it!


Spurgeon Audio joins Theology Mix!

Exciting news this week, as this podcast joins forces with the Theology Mix podcast network!  Be sure to visit the website and check out the other awesome contributors.  In future episodes you will start to hear promos for other shows, and I’ll be producing one for them to run for this show.  There are a lot of great podcasts that you should add to your subscription list.

There are also a lot of awesome blog posts, such as this one right here: we’ve also made Calvinist Chewbacca’s list of Chewy Approved Podcasts!  It’s truly an honor, and if that sounds absolutely bizarre…well, it really is an honor.  Seriously, you guys.